Zachary Meeks



Graduate of LA Institute of Massage Therapy, with 510 hours of credits to uphold his massage therapy license in the state of Louisiana. Last year he finished 50+ hours studying in Canada under his mentor Vihn Pham a Physical Therapist and owner of Myodetox Clinics. Zach also studied and continues studying under David Weinstock the creator and founder of NeruoKinetic Therapy (NKT). He also is an advocate for a company called Hawkgrips, who specializes in soft tissue mobilization tools. (IASTM) Now, Zach runs and operates his company, ibodyworks.

Zach aspires to educate people on the benefits of listening to their body to avoid future injuries and eliminate the daily wear and tear of life. Uniquely enough, he made sure to differentiate himself, and learned techniques and skills that are NOT found in the area. This sets him apart of the many therapist in South Louisiana.

Future Goals For ibodyworks
- Help one person at a time, to be pain free and have longevity to maintain their lifestyle.